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We now provide additional options for businesses seeking to quickly and easily reach new customers, in addition to the service of posting an ad on You can effectively advertise your brand and directly target local customers with the help of our banner advertising opportunities.



Our Promotional Products.

Leaderboard :

The leaderboard is strategically positioned above the navigation bar on mobile devices and below it on desktops so that virtually every visitor can see it. 

This is a great option for increasing brand awareness across the board or in specific categories.


Desktop dimensions: 1220 x 120 px

Mobile dimensions: 320 x 50 px




The Skyscraper has a high reach and is a cost-effective placement on our search results page. a viable choice for brand building.


The desktop size is 160 x 600 pixels.

Mobile Banner, Large

When compared to the leaderboard, this large banner has twice the height of the leaderboard. On each search results page, it is placed just before the pagination links, so almost everyone sees it.


Dimensions on Mobile: 320 x 100 px




On each of our ad pages, the Square is an ideal placement. This is a successful method of reaching a particular target audience who is reading the ads.


Desktop size: 250 x 250 pixels

Mobile dimensions: 300 x 250 pixels


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